Kazakhstan takes measures to improve positions in Doing Business

Kazakhstan is taking active measures to improve its positions in the Doing Business ranking, the Kazakh Ministry of Economic Development and Trade said on Saturday.

“The main focus of work to improve Kazakhstan’s position in the Doing Business ranking in the current year will be on enhancing the reform process on indicators of “International trade” and “Obtaining a building permit”, the ministry said.

Thus, under the work on “International trade” direction a register of public service, providing paperless customs declaration of goods crossing the customs border of the Customs Union was approved.

At the same time, work is ongoing on the analysis of procedures performed by public authorities when carrying out export and import operations. According to the results of this analysis the list of documents required for the implementation of foreign economic activity will be formed.

A single list of documents and requirements for obtaining licenses, permits and other requirements in the field of export-import operations was also prepared.

In addition, to create an integration of information system “Single Window”, a list of procedures for issuing permits required to build the automation system was prepared.

At the same time, work has been intensified on other crucial indicators, which are aimed at improving the investment climate in the republic and concern mainly changes in legislation.

With regard to registration of property a law was passed this year which provides for reducing the time to register property to one day and the exclusion of paper.

The conditions for obtaining loans were also improved, in particular, the Kazakh law on regulation of banking and financial institutions, providing for the establishment of public credit bureau, which, on the recommendation of the World Bank will cover 100 percent of the adult population was put into effect.

In addition, the law includes a provision to determine the negative information on the subject of credit history, as well as the norms of production and delivery of this negative information without the consent of the subject’s credit history. The license for the activities of property management and affairs of insolvent debtors in bankruptcy proceedings was cancelled. Now those wishing to engage in activities manager will be able to register under the simplified system and a reduced list of documents.

All these activities contribute to improving the investment climate in the country, and strengthening the position of the republic in the Doing Business ranking.

Article sourced from Turkish Weekly


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