2013 production of crude and condensed gas forecasted at 82 million tons

Production of crude and condensed gas in Kazakhstan in 2013 is forecasted at 82 million tons, with the figure augmented up to 90 million tons in 2015, Newskaz.ru reports, citing the country’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

In 2011 Kazakhstan produced 80 million tons of crude and condensed gas; plans are there to produce 81 million tons this year. The draft 2013-2015 budget is based on Brent oil standing at $90 per barrel in 2013, $89 in 2014 and $88 in 2015.

The average year price in 2012 is forecasted at $100 per barrel.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz reported, citing KazMunaiGas National Oil and Gas Company’s chairman of the Board Mr. Lyazzat Kiilov as saying in a recent interview for Kazakhstan’s Liter newspaper, that the overall carrying capacity of Kazakhstan’s export oil pipelines is to be augmented 1.5 times up to 100 million tons by 2020.

“The current demand for export oil pipelines is almost met. However, the plans to boost oil production will call for both expansion of the already operating pipelines and construction of new ones. The current carrying capacities of all the Kazakhstan’s export oil pipelines stand at 66 million tons a year; the figure is to be brought up to 100 million tons a year by 2020”, he elaborated.

Article sourced from Tengri News


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