Kazakh companies enter Kyrgyz humanitarian market

Some 10 Kazakh companies took part in the fair of relief supplies which was held in Bishkek on October 17.

‘Kaznex Invest’ national agency on export and investments rented the exhibition square with equipment for Kazakh companies under the auspices of ‘Relief Supplies from Kazakhstan’.

Emergency food, medicine, medical equipment, detergents, disinfectants, light industrial products and construction materials are currently most frequently bought products on the market of humanitarian purchase. All these products are offered by Kazakh producers. The national stand is represented by such companies as ‘SMS Almaty plant'(detergents), ‘Baris 2007’ (pasta), ‘Juldyz Cenan Co LTD’ (medical production), ‘Korona export’ (flour, pasta), ‘Maslodel’ (vegetable oil), ‘Kazmedpribor’ (medical equipment), ‘RZA’ (rice), ‘Shimkentmay’ (vegetable oil, soap), ‘Sunpaper'( hygienic production).

The participation in the exhibition allowed the local export oriented companies to establish contacts with organizations of UN system in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz Ministry of Emergency Situations, Kyrgyz National Society of Red Crescent, International Committee of Red Cross in Kyrgyzstan, other international and national nongovernmental organizations as well as representatives of business-society.

International humanitarian organizations take active part in settlement of social problems of different kinds and emergency situations, which are frequent in Kyrgyzstan (earthquakes, landslides and avalanches, floods). According to UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Issues some $163 mln have been contributed to Kyrgyzstan in 2006-2011.

Kaznex Invest, the national Agency for Export and Investment under the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and New Technologies operates within the framework of the State Program on Forced Industrial-Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014. The agency is the national operator of the development and promotion system of non-oil exports, as well as specialized state company on involvement of foreign investors. Kaznex Invest is funded by the national budget and provides its services free of charge.

Article sourced from Trend


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